When faces come alive

7 May ’13

When faces come alive  by Animesh Ray

Not so long ago we were young, and in college. Check out anybody’s college photographs. The joy, exuberance, youthfulness that is so clearly evident on the faces in the photographs is unique to that phase of the life. It cannot ever be duplicated. Unfortunately.

What makes this photograph stand out? No technical gimmicky, just plain old human emotions. Seldom do you get more genuine expressions. I wonder why? Is it because life was still beautiful?

I hate it when people pose. It makes everything look artificial. Though even this looks posed, this actually is not. It was rather a spur-of-the-moment posing. The weather also had a hand in making this photo come out the way it has. No bright sunlight, no dark shadows but sweet cloud-diffused natural light all around, the kind which is regarded as highly flattering for portraits. Winter was coming.

Clicked this photo using the college’s Nikon D80 back in the closing months of 2009. I was still learning the tricks of a SLR back then. This photo is almost straight from the camera with some contrast and brightness adjustments in Photoshop.

Photos like these somehow complete you as a photographer. I only wish I get the chance to click photos with such life and genuineness again.