Wedding Photography FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to book you for my wedding. So how do I start the process?

You can contact me via the contact form, or mail me directly at with your wedding dates and venue. I will get back within 24 hours. If possible, I would also try to meet you so that I can answer all your queries face to face. Once you have decided to book me, you have to pay 50% of the total amount as advance after which I will block your dates and start preparations for the same. At this point, you can take a deep breath and check “wedding photographer” off your wedding list!

How much does a wedding session cost?

I know for most people this is the most important question. But unfortunately there is no straight answer to this since no two weddings are ever the same. The cost depends upon lots of variable factors like time, duration, location etc. But to give you an approximate idea my charges start from Rs. 30,000. This does not include any accommodation, travel or prints. To get a exact quote, contact me with your wedding details.

Are there any discounts or special offers?

Unfortunately, no. But if your wedding happens to be in Kashmir, the North-East or Rajasthan, then there might be a discount.

How much do I need to deposit?

I require a 50% initial deposit and the rest of the fee to be paid on or after the wedding day, but before any of the deliverables are handed over.

How far should we book in advance?

Booking me around 6 months ahead is a good idea. But do make sure that before you venture out to book me your dates have been finalised. If it’s a rush wedding, don’t worry. Contact me for availability. I just might be free!

Can I see a full event from start to finish?

Yes, of course! I pride myself on the consistency of my work. It’s an actual fact that most photographers put up their best photos only on the blog, but it might not be representative of their whole body of work. So if you want to go through a few of the weddings I have done, we can do it in two ways. I can share a few hundred photos securely with you, or I can personally show you the complete event when we meet.

We just got back from our honeymoon, can we see our photos?

That might be tough. It takes around a month to process all your photos. We will let you know the minute the photos are ready.

What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

Very rarely does a wedding goes according to time. It’s great if it does, but you don’t have to worry even if it’s a little off. But usually I fix a transport after the marriage (which will be booked only after consultation with you). So apart from the charges for the waiting period or rebooking, no other charges will be levied.

Is it important to have a traditional shooter on the day as well?

While I emphasize on non-artificial moments of the day, many members of the family (like your parents or grandparents) still might want those posed family photographs. For this I would recommend you to book a local traditional photographer (they come quite cheap). Otherwise I can get a photographer from my team to accompany me as a traditional photographer. This photographer will be doing a bit more of regular and formal photography, so hopefully that side will be covered.

Where are you based? Do you travel to off-base locations?

I am primarily based out of Kolkata, but I am frequently down in Bangalore and Delhi.
I think that getting to travel and seeing the wide world is one of the perks of this trade. Yes, I definitely love to travel. Usually I try to reach one day before the event to make sure nothing goes wrong. Let me know where you are and we’ll figure out the best way to get me out to you.

We don’t live in the same city, how will this affect our consultations?

Even though I love to meet my clients before their wedding, a overwhelming percentage of my bookings are done remotely. So that’s not a thing to worry. If you deem it to be necessary then I can also meet up with your friends or relatives also.

Do you take getting-ready shots?

Yes, of course. They make a compelling story that is very integral to the wedding. I try to capture mainly the bride and if I can, the groom too.

I saw another photographer with lower prices than yours…

There will be a lot of such photographers. Wedding Photography is such a genre where the quality varies widely. Some photographers in reality function as photographer cooperatives, and you can never really be sure who will turn up to photograph your wedding. So before you book your photographer I would recommend to go through a few weddings (to look for consistency) and then only proceed ahead to book. Some other things you should look for from the photographer before booking him/her are:

Do they have spares for all of their equipment? What if their equipment fails during the wedding?
Do they edit all the photographs to the same professional level?
Can they provide a few genuine testimonials from previous clients?

Do you shoot video?

I didn’t, but I have just started to provide the option to my clients as well by tying up with other videography providers. I don’t shoot the video personally, but a talented team will. So if you are looking for cinematic video coverage of your wedding, then just drop me a line.

What’s the deal with photo books?

I offer custom-designed hardbound coffee-table photo books in various styles and sizes. 80-100 photos are usually enough for a 30-40 page photo book. If you want to include more photographs, I advise you to increase the size of the photo book.

If you want, you can choose the photos that you want to include in the photo book. On the other hand, you can let the photos to be chosen by me. If both of these options scare you, then we can even collaborate. You can choose a specific number of photos, while I choose the rest. I will send you a pdf copy of the photo book for your approval before sending it to the press.

What if our chosen photographer is ill on the day?

Thankfully this has never happened till now. But what if it happens? Some other colleague who is at the same level as me will take over for the day. I will take over as soon as I have recovered. But hopefully, such a situation will never arise.

What if we cancel our wedding?

Please let me know at the earliest. If you are cancelling within 3 months of the date, the advance booking amount is not refundable since chances are that I have turned down other bookings for the same date. But if you are simply rescheduling the wedding, then hopefully I will just change the booked dates and everything else will be well and good.

Finally … why is wedding photography so expensive?

Frankly speaking, I don’t really think that I am expensive. When you consider the prices of my photographic equipments and softwares which cost quite a few lakhs, and the fact that my work is not limited to the 10-15 hours on your wedding day, but also includes around 40 hours of back-room editing, you will actually realise that my charges are quite reasonable. Chances are that even when you have returned from your honeymoon a few weeks later I would still be working on your wedding photos.

What is your photography style?

My entire objective is to tell the story of your wedding day, through pictures. I look for those special tiny moments throughout the day that otherwise get lost and weave them together to make a pictorial representation of your wedding day. I don’t force you to smile, don’t boss you around or in fact direct you in any way, much less make you sit and stand in weird and ungodly poses. My approach and style, is totally unobtrusive which means I will not dictate or prompt or manipulate anything throughout your very special wedding day.

My style of wedding photography is known as documentary wedding photography, or wedding photojournalism. A documentary wedding photographer is a story teller, through pictures. I am sure you have come across a lot of wedding photographers who brand themselves as “documentary wedding photographers” or “candid photographers”, but their website is full of directed and posed images, with the odd candid photograph thrown in (that is not wedding photojournalism for certain).

I am at my most creative when left to roam around the wedding capturing those perfect shots of you and your close friends and family. I try to capture the moments you didn’t even notice happening during the wedding. Wherever possible, I shoot with short and fast lenses. This often means I have to get really close to the action, which is what a wedding photojournalist should be doing – all the time.

What is your post-production style?

I shoot with digital equipment, but my love of the timelessness of film images has led me to develop a post-production style that allows my photographs to resemble film photos. In other words, my photographs are purposefully edited to look like film images.

Do you process all the images that you are going to hand over to us?

Yes, I do. It takes a shit load of time, but still I do. Blame it on the perfectionist in me! All images undergo colour correction, exposure adjustment, contrast adjustment, selective black and white processing, clarity adjustments, tone-mapping, skin touch-ups and other corrections. Most photographers process only a limited number of photographs which leaves you with a lot of photographs with unwanted defects.

Do you shoot with an assistant?

Usually I am a solo shooter. But it may happen that I brought along an assistant or an intern.

Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook once I get the photos?

You can upload your photos to any social media site without any restrictions. Apart from that you are free to use them for whatever purpose you like except for any commercial purpose.

Can I have or see all of the unedited/raw photos/videos you took at our wedding?

In a single word, the answer is NO! I don’t give away unedited/raw photos/videos. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other such images/videos.

How many wedding photos will I get?

It depends upon how much of the wedding I am covering – 1 day, 2 days or 3 days? A typical 2 day wedding generates around 900-1200 photos.

Do you shoot in RAW?

Never shot in anything else!

Do you shoot in Black&White (B&W)?

I love B&W photographs. Colour photographs might look pretty, but B&W photographs make a statement. They help focus the viewer on the heart of the image and clears away the distractions. As a result, even though I shoot completely in colour, in post-production I turn a few of the images in B&W.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Nikon D750 and a D610 and quite a few Nikkor prime and zoom lenses. I also have a Nikon D7000 as a backup camera. Apart from these there are a plethora of other equipment that I use like speedlights, transmitters, etc.

Will you post the photographs online?

I usually post some of the photographs on my blog. If you have any genuine objection, or if you are going to have a secret wedding, then just let me know ;)