Vinay & Payal’s Marwari Wedding in Kolkata

4 Oct ’16

It's a good day for the groom. He's happy!

This is one of the earliest weddings that I ever did, I guess my 5th or 6th wedding overall. Also it happened to be my first wedding in Kolkata. The first day of wedding took me to Howrah since that was where the residence of Vinay was located and then to South Kolkata where the sangeet took place. This was a typical Marwari wedding with lots of relatives, lot of rituals and lots of fun and leg-pulling in between family members. The 2nd day was the wedding day and it took place at a location near the centre of the city. The wedding was quite grand and very nicely organised. After being to quite a few Marwari weddings, I can comfortably say that Marwari weddings have the best food inspite of the total absence of non-vegetarian options. And that’s saying a lot!

One of the things I encountered for the first time in this wedding was the rotating stage for the ‘jai mala’ (garland exchange ceremony) and a big pipe spewing out rose petals powered by a powerful air blower. At that time they struck me as quite unique, until I was to encounter them at more weddings later on.

I won’t bore you further and leave you to enjoy the photos from this Kolkata wedding.

Haldi of the groom is in progress.

Mom is a happy woman today.

Haldi hands engulf the groom's face.

A heavy haldi on the back.

The ingredients of rituals in a Marwari wedding.

Happy faces before the sangeet in this Marwari wedding in Kolkata.

The couple's dance!

Happy Dad and happy relatives.

The look of a bride, and the ecstasy of the groom.

The wedding day morning rituals.

Groom's relatives felicitate the groom before his departure.

Dance of the baraat!

The jai mala ceremony.

A union amidst flying rose petals.

The groom looks upon his partner forever.

A union is made.

It's happy time.

Smiles galore at this Marwari wedding.

The grandmas are having a grand time.

Proud and happy relatives.

A happy daughter means a happy father.

Groom's mom is excited.

A few close-ups of bride, her jewellery and her mehndi.

The bride's relatives trying to get the groom pay-up!

That's the face of a happy lady.


A beautiful smile.

A split-second happiness captured!

The bride and her entourage.

Happiness is just never-ending.

The bride seeking the blessings of the elders.

The wedding is done, and now they are officially one.