Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata in B&W

18 Jun ’13

Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata in B&W by Animesh Ray

Tipu Sultan Mosque in Esplanade (location) in the night, with two very disturbing floodlights atop it.
Details: ISO 100, 18mm, f/20, 8 sec
Lightroom Confessions: Highlights-, Shadows+, Contrast+, White-, B&W Conversion, Grain+

I went to Esplanade last to last weekend for some errands along with a friend of mine. I took this opportunity for some more night-time shooting in the heart of Kolkata. But unfortunately I didn’t have much time, so I could click only a few photographs. The photo above is one of them.

I almost never ever add grain to my photos in post processing. Rather I try my best to remove whatever grain has already crept into the picture. But this time around I added some. I think it suits the mood of the photograph.

The Tipu Sultan Mosque was built in 1832 by Prince Ghulam Mohammed, the youngest son of Tipu Sultan. Located at 185 Dhartamtala Street, the mosque is considered to be an important part of Kolkata’s architectural and cultural heritage. Built in the Mughal style it can reportedly house 1000 devotees (though I doubt that).

While researching about this mosque on the internet I found this blog post from Pixel-Memories which provides a lot of information on this topic. I also found this newspaper article from the Deccan Herald on the condition of Tipu’s descendants who still live in the city and work as rickshaw-pullers!

Another interesting thing I found is this photo of the Tipu Sultan Mosque from the 1890s.