‘The’ Fashion Shot: Sun is an Accessory

10 Nov ’12

The Fashion Shot where the sun is an accessory by Animesh Ray

Photographing my favourite model has always been fun, and especially when the result looks like this. Taken in the first quarter of this year this fashion shot is one of my best shots and I am a little proud about this, not because this looks good, but because this was a planned shot and not just another spur-of-the-moment kind of photo.

For me the real difference between a serious photography pro and a photography enthusiast is the fact that pros have the ability and the will to plan out their shots which showcases their immense talent, while the enthusiast just depends on luck. And as everybody knows, talent is permanent, luck is not.

Coming back to the shot, I fixed the location and the time and carried all my equipment along. I had being eyeing this place for a long time, mostly because of the cleanliness and a splendid view of the setting sun. The only thing I did not fix is what the model is wearing. For an in-depth of that, please click here.

We were attracting a lot of attention from the general public in the area. Moments like these, and you understand what celebrities have to go through on a daily basis. Phew! Anyway we did the shoot as quickly as we could and got out.