Testing out Fuji X100T on the streets of Kolkata

8 Oct ’16

Fuji X1OOT with my self made leather strap

I recently acquired the critically acclaimed Fuji X100T. I had been looking for a smaller and lighter camera for quite some time now. It’s a serious pain carrying a full fledged DSLR system everywhere, especially during casual occasions. So since the Fuji X100T has been famously called the photographer’s play camera, it had been on my radar a long time. Unfortunately Fuji hardly conducts any sales operations in India except it’s Instax line of cameras. So I had to order it from abroad via a friend of mine. In the last 3 months I had the opportunity to put the camera through it’s spaces. This is not going to be a full-on technical review, just a short text on how I feel about using the camera.

Vivekananda Setu also known as 2nd Howrah Bridge

First I will list all the cons. The camera looks beautiful but the on/off switch couldn’t have been designed worse. Its absolutely tiny and is extremely difficult to access with my fat stubby fingers. It takes some getting used to. There is also a slight lag between the flicking of the switch and the screen coming alive, which coming from a DLSR is a slight bit irritating. The supplied neck strap is also pretty ugly, so I made my own vintage leather neck strap. The body looks really nice but it is very susceptible to scratches, which is a bummer for me. The battery is ok for a day of casual shooting though could be much better. That’s why I have 3 batteries.

Sunrise and Sunset over Newtown Kolkata

Now the good things, it’s very light and small. Not pocketable but fits inside even a tiny messenger bag. And all of this while maintaining the quality of a crop-sensor DSLR, which is fantastic! Plus the assuming size of the camera lends itself very easily to silently shooting people without looking threatening with a huge DSLR. You get way more natural photos of people who are not used to being photographed with this camera. Overall I am a happy man with this thing. It serves me extremely well for the purpose that I bought it for – occasions where I wouldn’t want to carry my professional level DSLR gear but would hate to depend on my phone’s camera.

Netaji Subhas International Airport Kolkata

Monsoons over Newtown, Kolkata

Amherst Street (RR Sarani) Post Office Kolkata

A cycle mechanic waiting by the side of the road.

The perfectly collonaded corridors of Indian Museum Kolkata

Street scenes of Central Kolkata

A red brick building Kolkata

Roaming around in College Street Kolkata

Victoria House and Statesman House

A sleeping man in his cart