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Depths of Paradise in Soreng, Sikkim

Have you ever partaken of a sight like this? And if you ever have, what did it feel like? This view is from a point in Soreng locally known as ‘Suicide Point’. There is a sharp bend along the road at this point, and according to locals a lot of motorists have met their grisly […]

A God in His Monastery

The whole time I was in Sikkim, I hardly visited any monasteries, whereas for almost all people visiting Sikkim and not visiting one of the famous monasteries is pretty much unthinkable. I did visit the Enchey Monastery with some of my school friends just before I started my 4th year in my college, but those […]

Story of the Silky Waterfall

A very old click shot on a visit to a friend’s house in Soreng, West Sikkim around 1 month after I had bought my D90. One unique thing about Sikkim is the number of little waterfalls you will come across on the road from any point to any other point. Most are just tiny streams, […]

The Three Musketeers of Soreng

A trio of bright young kids photographed in Sikkim. In my last year of college, along with another friend I had stayed over at a friend’s house in Soreng, West Sikkim. It was a beautiful place, and very cold too. Lush greenery all around, trees and plants in full bloom, spectacular views of the snow-clad […]