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Tipu Sultan Mosque, Kolkata in B&W

Tipu Sultan Mosque in Esplanade (location) in the night, with two very disturbing floodlights atop it. Details: ISO 100, 18mm, f/20, 8 sec Lightroom Confessions: Highlights-, Shadows+, Contrast+, White-, B&W Conversion, Grain+ I went to Esplanade last to last weekend for some errands along with a friend of mine. I took this opportunity for some […]

Churches of Kolkata: St. Thomas’ Church

The Gothic tower of the St. Thomas’ Church on the Mirza Ghalib Street (Formerly Free School Street), Kolkata as it was about 2 years ago. Central Kolkata, especially Esplanade and its neighbourhood are full of churches courtesy of the Britishers. But I cannot help but wonder how many people actually turn up for the weekly […]

A God in His Monastery

The whole time I was in Sikkim, I hardly visited any monasteries, whereas for almost all people visiting Sikkim and not visiting one of the famous monasteries is pretty much unthinkable. I did visit the Enchey Monastery with some of my school friends just before I started my 4th year in my college, but those […]

Ghost of Durga Puja Past

Let me take advantage of the post Durga Puja atmosphere and post this 2-year-old photo. Yes, it’s a pandal, but more importantly this was my last puja in my lovely hometown Durgapur, and my D90 was only 3-4 days old. For people from Durgapur, this photograph was clicked inside the Cement Park Durga Puja Pandal, […]

The Customary Durga Puja Photo of a Bengali Creative

Jobs earn you money. And take your life in exchange. Hardly got the time to enjoy this year’s Durga Puja. Had office on all the 4 days! Poor me. Together with my one of my good friends roamed around 3-4 pandals on the very last day of Pujas (dashami). Clicked this in some pandal near […]