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Soreng, Sikkim

Amazing views from the top of a small hillock near Soreng.

Soreng is a small sleepy town in the foothills of the Himalaya in West Sikkim. It has no particular claim to fame, but the thing with quaint hill towns is that they don’t need one. The beauty of the Himalayas, the pureness of the air, and the laid back lifestyle is enough to warrant attention. […]

Views from Delo

The brilliant visage of the Kanchendzonga range.

Delo (or Deolo) is a mountain-top picnic spot, in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Around 6 kms from Kalimpong town, it’s nice place to pay a visit if you are somewhere close-by. I went there in the month of December when I used to study in college which was quite near (around 2 hours […]

Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Kochi

A fisherman walks on the Chinese fishing net.

One of the biggest tourist attraction in Fort Kochi are the Chinese fishing nets. Wikipedia informs me that the technical name for these things is shore operated lift nets. According to legend these nets were introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He. This is in continuation of the photo series on Kochi. I was there […]

Cochin Port and its Surroundings

The jetty on the mainland from where you get ferry to Fort Kochi.

Continuing my Kochi series, today I blog about the 86 year old Cochin Port area and its surroundings as I saw it on my way on a ferry from a mainland jetty to the Fort Kochi jetty. Cochin Port is a major port on the Laccadive Sea – Indian Ocean sea-route and is one of […]

Streets of Fort Kochi

Definitive Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.

My last to last post was about walking through the streets of Mattancherry in Fort Kochi. Today’s post is about walking in the Fort Kochi old city part only. Fort Kochi is very much unlike most other Indian cities, or even Kerala cities for that matter. There is a very big European influence in the […]