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Juieta & Sandip’s Bengali Wedding in Kolkata

The warm embrace of love.

Two Kolkata born Bengali souls with a very different upbringing fell in love in foreign shores. That’s the story of these two lovebirds Juieta and Sandip who fell in love in the US and got married in Kolkata. They booked me a few months before the event after an extended series of emails. They were […]

Mrinalini & Dipankar’s Bengali Wedding in Delhi

Who knew 'gaye holud'/haldi could be so much fun!

If I ever have to rate a wedding just based on the average number of smiles being flashed every now and then, then this quaint little Bengali wedding in the heart of Delhi would qualify to be the number 1! Mrinalini is a Doctor in MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), better known as Doctors Without Borders. […]

Sankar & Sathya’s Tam-Brahm Wedding in Bangalore

The bride is lifted by her loving family.

Sankar and Sathya got married in November 2014 in Bangalore, at a resort near Marathahalli. It was a Tam-Brahm wedding, an intimate one. The muhurat was quite early in the morning, so when I reached the venue it was completely dark outside. The people were happy and really enjoying the wedding. What more can a […]

Sapna & Ananth’s Kannada Wedding in Bangalore

The holy book of weddings and a beautiful bride.

Sapna was a Bangalore girl while Ananth was an engineer working in Cleveland, USA. Even though studied in colleges almost next to each other, they were fated to meet each other over Skype and things progressed from there. Ananth had a hurricane tour to India when the engagement was finalised, and then a second hurricane […]

Vinay & Divya’s Kannada-Telugu Wedding in Bangalore

My favourite part of the wedding.

I have already blogged about Vinay and Divya’s engagement ceremony here and told you guys about their awesome love story. In case you haven’t read about it, I suggest that you do. Vinay is a Kannada boy born and bred in Bangalore while Divya hails from a Telugu family based out of Bangalor, which makes […]