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A Trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort: Part II

The name 'Badal Mahal' (Palace of Clouds) couldn't have been more accurate.

The citadel of the Kumbhalgarh Fort consists chiefly of the Badal Mahal or the ‘Palace of Clouds’. Mardana Mahal and Zanana Mahal are the two interconnected parts of this palace. The first article of this series on Kumbhalgarh is here. A word of caution here. The fort is huge. I mean HUGE. To properly explore […]

A Trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort: Part I

The Gateway into the fort, Hanuman Pol.

Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the great Mewar fortresses spread throughout the ancient region of Mewar. It’s claim to fame are a lot of things. Things like being built by Rana Kumbha (after whom it is named), being the birthplace of the legendary Maharana Pratap and being a World Heritage Site. Unknown to many Indians […]

Mehrangarh Fort VII: Views of Jodhpur

View of the old city when entering from the Fateh Pol. By Animesh Ray.

This is most probably the last post in the Mehrangarh Fort series. This is not really much, just some photos of the blue city of Jodhpur from the various places in the Fort. It was raining cat-and-dogs the day of our visit. As a result I didn’t get the best views, and most of the […]

Mehrangarh Fort VI: The Palace Architecture

Entering an interior courtyard after going through the Howdah and Palanquin galleries. By Animesh Ray.

I have to say, the interior palace architecture of the Mehrangarh Fort is exhilarating. Everything is so vast, and grand at the same time. The designs on the walls, the windows, the doorways, the views – everything is out of this world. Continuing the Mehrangarh Fort series, I am going to post some photos depicting […]

Mehrangarh Fort V: Period Rooms (Moti, Sheesh, Takhat, Phool)

Moti Mahal (The Pearl Palace) where the King used to hold court. By Animesh Ray Photography.

I have visited a lot of forts and palaces all across India, but most are in various stages of decay, or stripped of all their glory by numerous invaders/thiefs. This is the first fort/palace which I visited which is still owned by a Maharaja, the Maharaja of Jodhpur in this case. Due to this, the […]