Streets of Udaipur

16 Oct ’15

Have you seen this buffalo anywhere? Inform now!

I am a real slow blogger. If only I had somebody standing behind me with a gun, I just might be saved. Anyway today’s post is showcasing the streets of the earthly Rajasthani city of Udaipur. I really like Udaipur and whenever I am there, just idly walking through the old city is one of my favourite pastimes. The top photo is a rather hilarious graffiti that I found somewhere on a wall in old Udaipur.

As the day starts to end, and the lights are lit up in Udaipur city.

Stairs help to navigate the very slightly hilly city.

Udaipur is slightly hilly. So you encounter a lot of staircases here and there. The deliberate unplanned structure of the city adds to the requirement of stairs. The stairs on the left lead you to the Shree Jagat Shironmaniji Temple.

Nomadic musicians entertain people for the odd bit of money.

These musicians weren’t bad at all. Too bad talented people like them have to live a life of poverty even though they something that, if presented properly, can be easily marketable. If only these guys had heard of Youtube!

The main thoroughfare of the old Udaipur city, Jagdish Temple intersection.

The eponymous Jagdish Temple intersection, a very important thoroughfare in the old part of Udaipur. The temple itself can be seen in the background. The place is all decked up for a major Hindu festival.

Narrow lanes of the city and temples.

The first photo on the left has been taken from the Ghantaghar (Clock Tower), just a little way from the Jagdish Temple intersection. The one of the right is of the Shri Annapurna Mata Temple, which is situated right at the aforementioned intersection.

Temples & Hotels comprises most of Udaipur's old part.

After you go around old Udaipur a little, you a realise two things – there are a lots of temples with stairs, and there’s a shit ton of hotels. Above, a temple with stairs on the left and a rather unique looking hotel on the right.

Udaipur old city homes.

The kind of photo that all photographers love to take and then keep as wallpapers!

The local police station in Udaipur.

3 cities of Rajasthan represent! Jaisalmer, Jaipur and Udaipur

This exquisite graffiti showcases the big three of Rajasthan. The right most mural represents the desert city of Jaisalmer with it’s camels, the middle one shows the capital city of Jaipur with it’s Hawa Mahal (rather too pink) and elephants (think Amer Fort) and the left most represents host city Udaipur with it’s lakes and hills.

Shops selling artsy stuff abound in Udaipur.

Bespoke tailoring is supposedly a huge thing in Udaipur.

Bespoke tailoring is supposedly a huge business in Udaipur. Foreigners (mostly Caucasians) come in droves and get fitted in the most current styles (provided you have at least a photos of the original stuff to be copied). Encouraged by the good reviews on TripAdvisors of some of the tailoring shops over there, I got a few items fitted out as well. Needless to say, they were quite good. Except for the fact that on some of the shirts the tailor forgot to sew the breast pocket, and I in my hurry forgot to notice that.

Normal city life. Two wheelers are the mainstay.

An old vendor selling his wares.

The streets are more packed than this I can assure you.

You get a lot of leather stuff as well, mostly bags and notebooks. Do bargain a lot. A good bargainer can get the prices sliced by around half!

A quiet locality in old Udaipur.

All narrow lanes lead to something old and photogenic.