Streets of Fort Kochi

11 Jul ’16

Definitive Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.

My last to last post was about walking through the streets of Mattancherry in Fort Kochi. Today’s post is about walking in the Fort Kochi old city part only. Fort Kochi is very much unlike most other Indian cities, or even Kerala cities for that matter. There is a very big European influence in the architecture and the surroundings. I guess it’s only natural considering that it used to the Dutch and then British administrative headquarters. Nowadays though it’s mostly populated by hotels, restaurants and shops selling the usual touristy stuff. You have to get a ferry from the mainland to reach, or you can also take a auto-rickshaw/vehicle through a connecting bridge. It’s kind of a long-ish ride though.

Stepping inside this zone will open up a lot of European style cafeterias and sea-food restaurants. I especially liked the custom of putting their menu right outside the front door which was incredibly useful for browsing through all the menus without actually stepping inside. I was staying at a nice home-stay called the ChristVille Homestay which had a very friendly guy as its owner. It was also pretty close to a sea-food restaurant called the Fusion Bay. I was so confused by all the choices of seafood that I ended up ordering the entire seafood platter!

The photo above depicts Fort Kochi just the way it is. Somewhat shabby and crumbling at places, really shiny at someplace else, with a heavy European influence in architecture and a purely Indian soul.

Solar Cafe, Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.
Solar Cafe had an open air balcony. With the hot Indian sun overhead, I guess that’s why the owners named it liked that.

Enchanting old houses in Kochi. By Animesh Ray.
The bright pink flowers juxtaposed with the charming façade of the house behind it was too much to resist.
Crazy big tree. By Animesh Ray.
This huge gigantic tree was pretty unique with even its trunk covered in leaves.
Old Harbour Hotel, Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.
The Old Harbour Hotel is a very pretty hotel. I would love to stay here sometime, but I don’t I am going to Kochi again anytime soon.
More of Old Harbour Hotel, Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.

Israeli restaurant with a Hebrew board, Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.
On the right side is an Israeli restaurant with a Hebrew board.

St. Francis CSI Church, in Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.
St. Francis Church, built in 1953, is the oldest European church in India and was the original burial place of the Portuguese explorer/mass murderer Vasco da Gama. The body now lies in Lisbon, Portugal.

Stairs to a window, or is it a door? By Animesh Ray.
The Indian landscape is incomplete without a banyan tree. On the left, stairs to a window, or is it a door?
Street Graffiti, Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.
One of my favourite of the lot, “God is DJ” which I had posted before too. I wonder who wrote “Mexico City”.
Fort Kochi shops. By Animesh Ray.
Two panoramas showing the touristy stalls in Fort Kochi.
Street view, Fort Kochi. By Animesh Ray.

The street with the 'Burgar'. By Animesh Ray.
I thought the name is funny!