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A Tour of Four Seasons Winery at Baramati

Grapes & the Winery. By Animesh Ray.

I have been insanely busy these past two months – January and February. Office and no less than 3 weddings have kept me extremely preoccupied. But in the midst of all this madness I somehow managed to get some ‘me’ time thanks to the great folks over at Four Seasons Wines when I was invited […]

Mehrangarh Fort IV: Of Howdahs & Palanquins

A pretty elephantt howdah kept inside the lime covered walls of the museum. At Mehrangarh Fort by Animesh Ray Photography.

Continuing with the series on Mehrangarh Fort, today I post some photographs of a few elephant howdahs and palanquins exhibited in galleries inside the fort. Entering the main complex of the fort, the first thing you go through is a collection of elephant howdahs used by the royal family. Each of these howdahs are a […]

A God in His Monastery

The whole time I was in Sikkim, I hardly visited any monasteries, whereas for almost all people visiting Sikkim and not visiting one of the famous monasteries is pretty much unthinkable. I did visit the Enchey Monastery with some of my school friends just before I started my 4th year in my college, but those […]

A Chandelier in Park Hotel, Kolkata

You go to one of the most posh hotels in town to photograph models, and then you look above and you discover a most beautiful chandelier lighting up the whole room. So what does one do now? Obviously change all of the settings in your camera, point it upwards and fire a shot! Clicked this […]

1912 or 2012? Trams in Kolkata

It will ever be so easy to shoot a period piece in Kolkata. You won’t need any set, nor a huge capital. You won’t need to import old Ambassadors nor decades old Trams. You will get them all here, and in their original livery too! Not going to get into the disadvantages vs advantages debate, […]