Sapna & Ananth’s Kannada Wedding in Bangalore

17 Jul ’16

Sapna Ananth Kannada Wedding Bangalore Animesh Ray Photography (2)

Sapna was a Bangalore girl while Ananth was an engineer working in Cleveland, USA. Even though studied in colleges almost next to each other, they were fated to meet each other over Skype and things progressed from there. Ananth had a hurricane tour to India when the engagement was finalised, and then a second hurricane tour for the actual Kannada wedding.

On a fine morning I found myself in one of the leafy residential districts of Bangalore at Ananth’s house. He had reached his home from the States just a few hours ago. This was Day 1, and that day was reserved for a very short pre-wedding shoot. The shoot took place in a farmhouse on the western outskirts of Bangalore. We hardly had any time, and I could get only a very few shots. Usually I recommend an entire day.

Day 2 and Day 3 was for the weddings rituals. It was a Kannada wedding with both the girl and the boy being Kannadigas. The bride’s family consisted of two parents and 3 sisters, with all the sisters settled in the United States. The wedding took place in a historical mandapa which was inaugurated by the then king of Mysore (as Karnataka was known back then). One rather funny incident that I remember from the wedding happened during the later stages of the wedding. The wedding had already been going on for about 4-5 hours at that point of time when the bride was discovered dozing at the mandapa!

Love is being close to each other.

Happy faces at the house before rituals start.

Outside the venue when welcoming relatives.

The first day festivities of the Kannada wedding starts with music and happy faces.

Taking the blessings of elders.

Colourful and shiny props for various rituals of the wedding.

The groom is welcomed for the first time by the bride's family.

Showering their blessings on the would-be groom.

Happy people are good people.

Relatives and friends having a good time.

Mother of the groom and mother of the bride.

The bride's smile is infectious.

The smile of the mother whose daughter is happy.

Close-ups of the rituals of a Kannada wedding.

The bride is getting ready for her wedding.

The groom is all smiles during Kashi Yatra.

Mother and sisters are always an integral part of a Kannada wedding.

A really happy sister.

The holy book of weddings and a beautiful bride.

It seems that the groom won this round.

Exchange of garlands.

Kannada weddings like all Indian weddings is heavy on the ritual aspect.

The groom having a happy moment.

A mehndi decorated feet and the holding of hands.

People are still having a good time at this time.

The tears of a mother when she realises that her daughter is someone's wife now.