Sankar & Sathya’s Tam-Brahm Wedding in Bangalore

20 Jul ’16

The shy smile of the bride when teased by her friends.

Sankar and Sathya got married in November 2014 in Bangalore, at a resort near Marathahalli. It was a Tam-Brahm wedding, an intimate one. The muhurat was quite early in the morning, so when I reached the venue it was completely dark outside. The people were happy and really enjoying the wedding. What more can a wedding photographer ask for, photographically speaking?

It was one of those wedding during the wedding season when I have to directly go to the venue from the airport and then head directly back there. But I was really thankful that I got to cover this wedding. This was a pretty unique wedding and a brilliant reminder that love is eternal.

Happy people dressing up the bride for the morning.

People enjoying themselves at the wedding.

The groom and his relatives are ready for the wedding.

You can't just limit the smiles in this happy wedding.

And the wedding begins with Kashi Yatra.

The bride is lifted by her loving family.

Being felicitated by the entire family.

Happy portraits from the wedding.

Capturing the expressions of the wedding.

Various rituals involved in a traditional Tam-Brahm wedding.

Beautiful Tam-Brahm wedding paraphernalia.

Blessing being showered during Kanyadaan.

Offerings to the flame of the holy fire.

Smiles and blessings.

Benevolent smile.

The elder brother of the groom is a satisfied and happy man.

People congratulate the bride.