Priya & Ketan’s Punjabi-Gujarati Wedding in Bangalore

12 Jul ’16

Nothing more beautiful than a bride's smile. By Animesh Ray.

Priya, a Punjabi girl born and brought up in Bangalore fell in love with Ketan, a Gujarati from Gujarat. They were working together in Singapore. It was whirlwind romance and then a whirlwind wedding, but wasn’t that a fun wedding!

A northern state meets a western state in a southern state. India is truly incredible! The bride had 2 sisters and the 3 sisters together had to be the best trio of sisters I have ever seen in my life. They would pull each other’s legs constantly, and in the next moment hug and love each other passionately. It made me laugh so many times when I would hear their antics. Along with one brother, who turned out to be the quietest in the whole gang of siblings, the whole family was one truly happy family.

The wedding itself was a grand affair with the bride’s two sisters in the driver’s seat. It was fascinating to watch them put the whole wedding in place piece by piece, organising everything. It’s not everyday you get to see such a special wedding. The events were held across the Grand Magrath on Brigade Road, and in the ITC Fortune Select Trinity in Whitefield. Interestingly both the venues featured a swimming pool in very close proximity. Why? Because Priya, the bride wanted a pool wedding!

The pair of the bride's smiling sisters. By Animesh Ray.

The bride having a good time with her relatives. By Animesh Ray.

The bride seems to be all smiles! By Animesh Ray.

Happy people! By Animesh Ray.

Friends of the family. By Animesh Ray.

Close friend of the bride. By Animesh Ray.

The making of the bride. By Animesh Ray.

The sisters need to look their best too! By Animesh Ray.

Last minute nervous smiles. By Animesh Ray.

On the way to the mandap. By Animesh Ray.

And the sister looks lovingly at her sister-bride. By Animesh Ray.

Welcoming the Gujarati groom. By Animesh Ray.

Arrival of the groom. By Animesh Ray.

The groom being felicitated before the wedding. By Animesh Ray.

Indian weddings are damn colourful. By Animesh Ray.

The groom's sword. By Animesh Ray.

The awesome pair of sisters. By Animesh Ray.

Happy to be wed to her love. By Animesh Ray.

The groom is all smiles. By Animesh Ray.

The end of the marriage ceremony beckons. By Animesh Ray.

All smiles for her sister. By Animesh Ray.

The pretty sister. By Animesh Ray.

No shortage of smiles at this wedding.

The tears of a mother. By Animesh Ray.

The bride bids her goodbyes.