Heritage of Kolkata ‘100’: Architecture of the Grand City of the Raj


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I am not originally from Kolkata, and initially I didn’t like it. Too crowded, too dense, too ramshackle, too dirty etc were my first thoughts about the city. But as the days passed I have come to love it. I have been to all the other metro cities of India, but I don’t think there is one like Kolkata, in my humble opinion.

As a mark of tribute to this great city, I started doing what I do best: capturing the city’s heritage through my camera. I am a great appreciator of good architecture, and the old British and Bengali buildings of the city are some of the finest examples of architecture on this side of the planet. So I decided to merge my two loves, that of Kolkata and that of period architecture and embark on a project to capture the undying, though ramshackle in many cases, heritage of Kolkata through the prism of its architecture.

This is an ongoing project and I am looking forward to capture 100 such structures. I am funding this project from my own pocket as of now, but I hope in the future I will have better support. Being an amateur with no connections in this city, if you could help me with access to any of the heritage buildings of Kolkata it would indeed be an extremely helpful gesture to me, and highly aid me in my endeavour. How to contact me? Go to the bottom section of this page here.


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  2. Comment by somnath paul

    somnath paul Reply 11 Nov ’15 at 6:41 pm

    Very nice photography

  3. Comment by Arijit Sinha

    Arijit Sinha Reply 25 Jan ’17 at 12:52 pm

    mesmerising photography…I wish I could be half as good as you are

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