Mrinalini & Dipankar’s Bengali Wedding in Delhi

26 Sep ’16

The bengali bride can't control her happiness. She's having fun!

If I ever have to rate a wedding just based on the average number of smiles being flashed every now and then, then this quaint little Bengali wedding in the heart of Delhi would qualify to be the number 1! Mrinalini is a Doctor in MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), better known as Doctors Without Borders. I am sometimes glad of my profession because of this very reason, which is that I get to know such badass and insanely awesome people.

The two day winter wedding began with the customary ‘Gaye Holud’, or ‘Haldi’ on the first day and the Bengali night wedding the day after. The wedding itself was a grand affair with a huge open air wedding. She was one of the very few brides who actually asked me to focus less on her and more on her immediate family, famously remarking, “I would hate to see an album with photos of only me.” I told you she’s a Bengal Tiger!

This was a memorable wedding for me. Mrinalini’s family was wonderfully full of love and warmth, and it didn’t take long for that warmth and happiness to percolate through everybody. I guess that was the reason behind the stunning smiles all around causing me to happily work overtime behind my viewfinder.The ingredients of a Bengali wedding.

The shy Bengali bride

Laughter is infectious!

It's happy time at this wedding.

Happy people make a happy wedding

Sadness has been banished from this Delhi wedding

Who knew 'gaye holud'/haldi could be so much fun!

Gaye Holud / Haldi is just another excuse for fun and laughter at this Delhi wedding.

The lovely mom and her lovely daughter.

Even posed shots are becoming way more fun in this bengali wedding.

The bride is getting ready. Some close-ups as well.

The making of a Bengali bride.

Loving words from the mother to the bride before she leaves her forever.

The complete bride.

The gigantic stage for this winter Delhi wedding.

The fun continues on to the wedding stage in a wintry Delhi.

The groom arrives to a boisterous musical welcome.

The groom is carried into the venue on the shoulders of the groomsmen.

The bride is all smiles at the wedding.

The garlands are exchanged amid much fun and turbulence.

The Bengali wedding rituals are in full flow now.

The bride is surrounded by helpers.

A promise of being together forever, witnessed by fire.

A rather dramatic shot of the groom.

Two souls are entwined into body and soul today.