Vinay & Divya’s Kannada-Telugu Wedding in Bangalore

14 Jul ’16

The first festivities of the Kannada-Telugu wedding begin.

I have already blogged about Vinay and Divya’s engagement ceremony here and told you guys about their awesome love story. In case you haven’t read about it, I suggest that you do. Vinay is a Kannada boy born and bred in Bangalore while Divya hails from a Telugu family based out of Bangalor, which makes this a Kannada-Telugu wedding. Mixed weddings are always my favourite.

For a change, it wasn’t a very early morning wedding like all South Indian weddings are. The wedding started off around 7:30 am. I am more used to weddings starting at around 5 am. Anyway, it was a fun wedding, as all mixed weddings usually are.

The groom seems to be happy.

Seeking the blessings of the lord.

Happy emotions in the fore during the wedding.

Music for the wedding.

The beautiful ceremonies set for the stage.

During the Kashi Yatra.

Vinay Divya Kannada-Telugu Wedding Bangalore Animesh Ray Photography (3)

A happy bride is a beautiful bride.

The bride and the groom are getting some adulation.

Bridal functions during the wedding.

The look when you love someone truly and dearly.

Fun times of the wedding.

My favourite part of the wedding.

The type of photos I specialise in.

Photos like these make the wedding album special.

In the middle of the wedding.

Happy faces and paraphernalia.