Juieta & Sandip’s Bengali Wedding in Kolkata

28 Sep ’16

The warm embrace of love.

Two Kolkata born Bengali souls with a very different upbringing fell in love in foreign shores. That’s the story of these two lovebirds Juieta and Sandip who fell in love in the US and got married in Kolkata. They booked me a few months before the event after an extended series of emails. They were completely psyched about their wedding plans and didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Photography was one of the most important thing about the wedding and And that showed through their detailed mails. It was a pleasure dealing with such a dedicated couple. They asked the right questions that all couples should ask their chosen wedding photographer, which really showed that they had done their homework. I was impressed!

Family and friends had flown in for the wedding from various parts of the world. It was a lovely mish-mash of various geographies. The wedding was spread across two days in South and Central Kolkata. The bride happened to have awesomely cool friends who completely livened up the wedding with their infectious smiles.

To mark the Kolkataness of this Bengali wedding, the Sangeet on day 1 took place right on a boat restaurant (Floatel) on the Ganga while the wedding venue was one of the oldest clubs in Central Kolkata. It was a fun and jovial wedding with a very enthusiastic bride. It was a welcome change to see a bride who wasn’t going to be the stereotypical quiet and shy bride. Overall it was a great wedding where I met some really cool people. Here’s wishing Juieta and Sandip a great life ahead in Chicago.

That's a pretty and happy bride!

Happy mom and super happy friends.

Mehndi decorated hands of the bride.

It's a happy day and a happy occasion.

The pretty bride decked up with flowers.

The groom has just just hit the groove.

The Sangeet has a lot of enthusiastic people.

The love of Mom and Dad.

Bride, Dad, Mom, Brother: A happy family

It's time for some dances!

Childhood friends!

Various emotions on display at Sangeet.

Joyous relatives having a nice people.

The ingredients of a Bengali wedding.

The intimate rituals of a Bengali wedding.

The bride is having a gala time during her Mehndi.

A few touches for the big day.

Bride's mom could't be any more happier.

In preparation of a new future.

The bride is ready to start on a new journey.

A happy mom and a proud dad.

The bride is ready for the moment of her life.

The bride greets everybody with a smiling face.

Meeting someone.

Bride's brother is excited on his sister's wedding.

The 'topor' of the Bengali groom visible among a sea of people.

The Bengali bride is supposed to cover her eyes with the paan leaves.

This bride can't be stopped from sneaking a peek at her man.

The groom is a happy and satisfied man today.

Hands are held and promises made for posterity.

A happy wedding of a couple in love.

The shoe stealing fun is still etched on the faces.

The bride is sharing a light moment with her relatives.

A happy ending to the happy Bengali wedding.

I heard that Juieta’s dad passed away just a little time after the wedding. It must have been a extremely traumatic event for the entire family. I was deeply saddened by the news. May his soul rest in peace.


  1. Comment by Somdatta Ray

    Somdatta Ray Reply 29 Sep ’16 at 1:51 am

    Beautiful captures as always!!!

    • Comment by Animesh Ray

      Animesh Ray 30 Sep ’16 at 12:29 pm

      Thanks a lot for your appreciation Somdatta! :)

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