Introducing “The Craftsman”: A Dual Camera Belt

24 Sep ’16

The Craftsman, dual camera belt: Front and behind

It’s been some time playing around with leather. The main reason was to build myself an awesome leather dual camera belt/harness. In my humble opinion although the Black Rapid straps do an awesome job, they completely spoil your look. In scenarios like weddings, sometimes it is imperative to be dressed well and the Black Rapids and their clones don’t come in handy. There exist some classy leather alternatives like the Barbershop Sideburns and the Holdfast Moneymaker, but they usually cost an arm and a leg. I kept looking for long for a dual camera harness solution that didn’t cost a kidney and looked awesome on a tux, and but sadly came up empty handed. It was then that I took matters in my own hands and designed “The Craftsman”. Made out of the best full-grain leather that money can buy, it’s a multiple camera harness system, or in simpler words it’s a dual camera belt.

The Craftsman allows you to use 3 cameras at once.

I made the first version around an year ago, and since then I have made quite a few prototypes. I have been using it personally for my professional wedding photography work for the past 10 months, and in these 10 months I have continuously kept on improving “The Craftsman” till the point when I feel completely confident offering it to other classy photographers.

The product development is done. It’s time to focus on the marketing part now. And yep, a dedicated website for my leather products will be up soon. Till then please enjoy the teaser photographs.

How "The Craftsman" dual camera leather belt looks from the back.

I bet nothing looks more classy and stylish than this leather dual camera belt.

Another look at the dual camera belt from the back.

The packaging box for the dual camera strap.


  1. Comment by Winsantdotcom

    Winsantdotcom Reply 14 Sep ’17 at 4:32 pm

    Form professional photographers this seems to be a must have gear.

  2. Comment by Amy Flores

    Amy Flores Reply 20 Nov ’17 at 5:38 am

    My daughter is a photographer and found this product that she would like for Christmas. Is this possible? Can you customize it with her name? Please email me at

    Thank you… Amy Flores.

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