So you are looking for a photographer?

Here’s hoping I am the lucky one!

You are finally taking the big step into your future. And to keep the memories of this Himalayan blunder alive you are looking for a wedding photographer. If that’s the case, then congratulations on finding just the correct place in the whole of the interwebs!

My style of wedding photography is known as documentary wedding photography, or wedding photojournalism. My entire objective is to tell the story of your wedding day through pictures. I look for those special tiny moments throughout the day that otherwise get lost and weave them together to make a pictorial representation of your wedding day. I don’t force you to smile, don’t boss you around or in fact direct you in any way, much less make you sit and stand in weird and ungodly poses. My approach and style, is totally unobtrusive which means I will not dictate or prompt or manipulate anything throughout your very special wedding day. I am there to preserve memories, and not create them.

You must have a thousand questions swirling around in your head regarding a hundred different things like what are my charges, how to book me etc. Thankfully just for that I have compiled a very exhaustive list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). But just to give you an idea, my charges start from Rs. 30,000 for a single day wedding exclusive of travel and accommodation. You can find more details on the FAQs page. For a custom quote, please contact me with details such as your wedding dates and location, and I will get back to you.

You can take a look at my wedding portfolio to get an idea about my style. I would earnestly recommend you to see more complete coverage of a few of the weddings on my blog. If you want to see even more photos, please reach out to me through my contact page.

Interested in a shoot on foreign shores?

I have just started offering pre/post-wedding shoots in some exotic foreign locales like France, Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and Jordan at very low prices as an introductory offer. If you would like to take a look at the details then please click on the below link.

In case you are still looking for reasons to hire me….

… I guess the following reasons should work.

I am not a businessman.

Unlike many other photographers out there, I am not a businessman masquerading as a photographer. I don’t charge you by creating ridiculous packages enticed to make you spend more. I don’t charge a few thousand extra for a hundred extra photos, and I don’t charge 10k-15k for a 40 page photobook. I am in this field because I love photography and I love to create photos that people hold so dear to their hearts. Money is quite down in the list of priorities.

I catch all smiles, all laughters, all winks.

Okay that might have been a slight exaggeration, but I am not too off the mark here. People have challenged me to take a smiling photo of a person who has the fearsome reputation of never smiling or laughing, and won those challenges hands down.

Photography is my full time job-I have long abandoned my second day job.

There are many good wedding photographers who do weddings a few days of the month and another job during the rest. I was one of those photographers until recently. But now as a full time photographer, you have my full concentration and attention.

I have over a year experience of photographing weddings.

I have photographed around 40 weddings in the past one year across 23 cities in 14 states. Over the experience of shooting so many weddings, I have honed my ability to anticipate what is going to happen and when, as well as my technical skills. And if you want to know what kind of weddings i have done, this is my list – Kashmiri Pandit, Punjabi, Mewari, Marwari, Bengali, Eastern UP, Bihari, Sindhi, Oriya, Assamese, Jain, Konkani, Telugu, Kannada, TamBram, Chettiar, Mallu, Christian.

I use some of the best cameras and lenses available, and have multiple backups of my gear.

While there can be no doubt that the skill of the person holding the camera is much more important than the equipment, having really great gear helps. And at a once in a lifetime event like a wedding, having backup cameras is critical. To keep Murphy’s Law at bay, I make sure to pack extra cameras, flashes, lenses etc.

Your wedding photos are in safe hands.

I offer extreme security for your digital files, with a backup existing from the moment a photo is clicked. Only acts of God can now kill those files.

If this all sounds good to you, please head over to the contact page so we can set up a meeting to talk about your wedding.