General Post Office (GPO), Kolkata

5 Jan ’14

General Post Office (GPO), Kolkata: A fine example of Colonial Architecture. By Animesh Ray.

The Grand Kolkata GPO after sundown.
Details: ISO 100, 22mm, f/16, 20s
Lightroom Adjustments: Exposure+, Contrast+, Highlights-, Shadows+, Clarity+, Adjustment Brush.

Gear used: Nikon D90, Nikon DX 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR.

The Kolkata GPO (General Post Office) is one of the grandest structures in the grand city of Kolkata. Situated in BBD Bagh (formerly Dalhousie Square), this iconic building was built during the years 1864-1868. The building functions as the central post office of Kolkata and the chief post office of West Bengal. It also houses the Philately Department and the Postal Museum.

The GPO is highly recognizable for its high (220 feet) domed roof and tall Ionic-Corinthian pillars. The total cost came to Rs. 6,50,000. It was designed by Walter B. Grenville who was the consulting architect to the Government of British India at that time. He was responsible for designing the Calcutta High Court and the Indian Museum.

It was built on the site of the original Fort William which was destroyed by Siraj-ud-Daula when he sacked Calcutta in 1756. The original boundaries of the fort are still marked by brass lines on the pavement and steps of the eastern staircase which mark the position and extent of part of the south-east bastion of the old Fort William.

If you google this monument, you will get a lot of photographs, but almost all shot during the day. This is true for most of Kolkata actually. So it was a conscious effort to capture these landmarks of Kolkata during the night. Kolkata GPO is yet another entrant to my Kolkata Heritage 100 project.