Cochin Port and its Surroundings

12 Jul ’16

The jetty on the mainland from where you get ferry to Fort Kochi.

Continuing my Kochi series, today I blog about the 86 year old Cochin Port area and its surroundings as I saw it on my way on a ferry from a mainland jetty to the Fort Kochi jetty. Cochin Port is a major port on the Laccadive Sea – Indian Ocean sea-route and is one of the largest ports in India.

The jetty was only a short walk from the railway station. Once there, you buy the tickets and wait for the boat. When it arrives, you just hop on and enjoy the ride. The photo above shows the mainland jetty from where you get the ferry for Fort Kochi. It’s built in the Kerala style as many public buildings in Kerala.

An ocean going tanker berthed in the harbour.Kochi is a huge port with hundreds of ships fleeting in and out every month. This is one of the tankers berthed in the harbour.

Villas by the sea in Kochi.There are lots of villas right by the sea on the Fort Kochi side. They sure look pretty, though I would say they could be prettier.

Yellow villa by the sea.Can I have a seaside villa like this too? I just mean the concept, not this shitty architecturally though.

Speedboats and yachts in Kochi Harbour.And yeah, having a yacht would be swell as well! The one above looks nice.

Asean Cableship berthed at Kochi Harbour.What’s an ASEAN ship doing here? Maybe a Port-of-Call.

Kavaratti, the Lakshadweep going ship.M.V. Kavaratti, the Lakshadweep going ship. This is the one you are taking if you are thinking of going to the beautiful Lakshadweep for a vacation on a boat.

Ships in the distance.No dearth of ships and boats here.

The office of the Cochin Port Trust in Willingdon Island.The office of the Cochin Port Trust in Willingdon Island with unmistakable Kerala influences.

A Kochi police speedboat on the left.A Kochi police speedboat on the left. The International Container Trans-shipment Terminal (ICTT) of the Kochi Port is on the right. It is the largest container transshipment facility in India.

A building in ruins just by the side of Fort Kochi jetty.A building in ruins just by the side of Fort Kochi jetty.