Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Kochi

14 Jul ’16

A fisherman walks on the Chinese fishing net.

One of the biggest tourist attraction in Fort Kochi are the Chinese fishing nets. Wikipedia informs me that the technical name for these things is shore operated lift nets. According to legend these nets were introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He.

This is in continuation of the photo series on Kochi. I was there on a nice evening with the sun going down at the horizon and the sky was a pristine orange. Fishermen were operating the nets. The catch wasn’t too much. A few small fish whose variety was unknown to me. You can walk up to them, and buy the fish. Then you just have go over to any one of the roadside stalls for them to cook the fish for you. Interesting! I didn’t go for it as I already had my lunch and I wasn’t feeling hungry. Maybe some other time.

Watching the sun going down and the fishermen going about their business was strangely very peaceful. There were many more like me, sitting peacefully in the orange glow of the setting sun. I spent about an hour just sitting and taking in the sights. Oh, and I took a few photos too. Time to post them!

Beautiful views of Fort Kochi.

Evening time at the Chinese Fishing Nets

The beautiful sunset from Fort Kochi.

People watching the sunset.

The sun setting against the chinese fishing nets.

A black & white visage of the fishing nets.

A bird against a orange and blue sky.