Capturing the Fall

3 May ’13

'Capturing the Fall' by  Animesh Ray

It was Saraswati Puja eve. The college used to be in a festive mood on that day. The weather also used to be really nice during that time with winter giving way to the spring.

So there are we, me and some of my friends hanging out near the place where the puja was taking place and remarking on the wonderful photo opportunities we might have had if we had got the college D80 with us. I sometimes got permission to issue the camera for use, but it was strictly for some real important college events and never for personal usage.

Still I thought maybe I could give it a try, say it’s for the college magazine (I was in the Editorial Board) and hope for the best. So I went to the Director’s office, a little nervous (I am a bad liar). The Nikon D80, since it was so costly, and SLRs back then used to be much more rare than today, used to be under his personal care.

So there I was, in his office making a plea to get the camera issued, and surprise! The Director smiles and says, “Take it man!”. Those were his exact words. I never expected him to be so cool. Anyway kudos to him, he got himself a fan that day.

I clicked quite a few good photos that day. The above photograph is a consequence of the aforementioned events. One thing I especially love about this photograph are the dry leaves falling off from the branches of the tree. Fall at its best!