An Evening Photo-Walk through New Market, Kolkata

Inside the meat section of New Market/Hogg Market.

The spanking clean and newly repainted New Market, originally designed by a guy from the former East India Railway. Unfortunately it’s present status is much more shabby and dirty. It would be lovely to see it restored and spruced up. I almost need to visit New Market and the larger area in which it is […]

Mrinalini & Dipankar’s Bengali Wedding in Delhi

Who knew 'gaye holud'/haldi could be so much fun!

If I ever have to rate a wedding just based on the average number of smiles being flashed every now and then, then this quaint little Bengali wedding in the heart of Delhi would qualify to be the number 1! Mrinalini is a Doctor in MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), better known as Doctors Without Borders. […]

Introducing “The Craftsman”: A Dual Camera Belt

The Craftsman, dual camera belt: Front and behind

It’s been some time playing around with leather. The main reason was to build myself an awesome leather dual camera belt/harness. In my humble opinion although the Black Rapid straps do an awesome job, they completely spoil your look. In scenarios like weddings, sometimes it is imperative to be dressed well and the Black Rapids […]

Aritar & Lampokhari, Sikkim

Brilliant clouds inhabit the skies over Aritar.

Aritar is a small town in the district of East Sikkim in Sikkim. I blogged about Soreng, a town in West Sikkim the other day. Aritar is also in many ways very much alike Soreng, a beautiful quaint little town in the foothills of the Himalayas. I visited the place in October 2010 from my […]

Sankar & Sathya’s Tam-Brahm Wedding in Bangalore

The bride is lifted by her loving family.

Sankar and Sathya got married in November 2014 in Bangalore, at a resort near Marathahalli. It was a Tam-Brahm wedding, an intimate one. The muhurat was quite early in the morning, so when I reached the venue it was completely dark outside. The people were happy and really enjoying the wedding. What more can a […]