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Under this category you find all my photography related to architecture which I have captured in Trivandrum, Kochi, Kolkata and Sikkim. Architecture has been one of my old loves, and I am really passionate about shooting great architecture, old and modern.

Mohun Bagan Vs East Bengal: A Glimpse into Salt Lake Stadium

The match is in progress. The ground looks stunning from the top-most gallery.

Mohun Bagan is a legendary club. East Bengal is a legendary rival. These two teams on their own have kept the dying art of football alive in India for over a century, till the Goans joined the fray as well. Watching a match between these clubs is a scintillating experience. Yes, it can even beat […]

A Photo-Walk in BBD Bagh (Dalhousie) on a Sunday

It's 5:35 pm as the GPO clock tells us.

Have you ever taken a walk through the heart of Central Kolkata on a Sunday? On the weekdays it’s packed with people, sounds and a hundred different smells. But on a Sunday, a day when all government and private offices are closed, BBD Bagh completely transforms from a hub of activity to a lazy idyllic […]

An Evening Photo-Walk through New Market, Kolkata

Inside the meat section of New Market/Hogg Market.

The spanking clean and newly repainted New Market, originally designed by a guy from the former East India Railway. Unfortunately it’s present status is much more shabby and dirty. It would be lovely to see it restored and spruced up. I almost need to visit New Market and the larger area in which it is […]

Photographing the not-so-haunted South Park Street Cemetery

The spring looks good in the cemetery

It seems that my fellow Kolkatans are quite inquisitive about the ‘haunted’ South Park Street Cemetery, as evident from the number of hits I get on the blog posts I posted in 2012/2013 on this topic. The popular perception that the South Park Street Cemetery is haunted is what drives this curiosity unfortunately though. I […]

A Trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort: Part II

The name 'Badal Mahal' (Palace of Clouds) couldn't have been more accurate.

The citadel of the Kumbhalgarh Fort consists chiefly of the Badal Mahal or the ‘Palace of Clouds’. Mardana Mahal and Zanana Mahal are the two interconnected parts of this palace. The first article of this series on Kumbhalgarh is here. A word of caution here. The fort is huge. I mean HUGE. To properly explore […]