A Winter’s Day and Flash for Dummies

3 Mar ’13

A Winter's Day and Flash for Dummies by Animesh Ray Photography

So there was I, standing like a pro with my whole kit plus the SB-700 speedlight in my hand on the roof of my flat, with a beautiful model in front of me. Photographer’s paradise won’t you say? But the fact was that I didn’t knew how to use to speedlight!

How is that even possible you might say. But the fact is before buying a brand new flash a few days ago I had never ever even touched a flash. And believe me when I say that I had absolutely no idea that they were such complicated things!

I think I should blame my poor research and studying for the Rs. 23K+ thing. Well actually Rs 19.5K. Anyway, so there was I with this thing which to my surprise even ‘zoomed in’ and ‘out’. Who would have believed that even flashes zoom in and out? Well as I quickly learnt the zooming functionality is actually to alter the angle of spread of the light evenly and/or increase/decrease the intensity of light at a specific spot, as the case maybe.

The weather was still cold at that time, and the beautiful model I mentioned at the beginning of this post was by now shivering, while I was still deciding where to place the flash and the power required. Yeah I overestimated myself and went manual, which even many seasoned photographers do not recommend.

Ultimately the chills got too much for the model and we had to wrap up for the day. Also the fact that the photos I was clicking were not really of the inspiring kind played a part in her refusal to pose any further, I guess.

You can read all about the model whining [:p] here and also get to see some more photos from the day.


  1. Comment by Soumi

    Soumi Reply 3 Mar ’13 at 9:14 pm

    Oh,you are a pro all right. :-P All the photography geek info went over my head but I can stare at the end product all day long. It’s THAT pretty!

    • Comment by Animesh Ray

      Animesh Ray 4 Mar ’13 at 2:11 am

      Me happy :D

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