We two, under an umbrella. By Animesh Ray Photography.

Delhi is in a way famous for its marriages. Though strictly not Delhi, but I guess Gurgaon fits the bill as well. So there was I, in Delhi’s neighbour state Haryana to cover the marriage of the two lovebirds – Kavit and Kanika. I haven’t most probably met another bride as fun filled as Kanika. This Delhi gal was a pure delight to photograph, her ample expressions providing fodder to my camera. On the other hand the Mumbai based Kavit was a pure gentleman from head to toe. Calm and composed he seemed to be the perfect complement to Kanika.


Priyankar & Wilda: A Couple Shoot in Bangalore 01

So this is my first couple shoot featuring my friend Priyankar Das Dalal and his lovely girlfriend Wilda from Indonesia. It’s a intra-continental love affair that I had the good fortune to capture a few days ago near my rented house in north-west Bangalore. Wilda had came down all the way from Jakarta to Bangalore to spend a little time with Priyankar when they decided it won’t be a bad idea to get clicked. So without any further ado, presenting an international love story.


A walk together in a shared life.

It’s a TamBram wedding! But true to India’s multiculturalism it wasn’t an all Tamil affair. The groom, Sushant is a Marathi from ‘aamchi’ Mumbai, while the bride, Suhasini is a Tamil brahmin from Bangalore. They met while studying for their Masters in the US, and have been together since. Currently working in New York, they came to down to India to get married. The marriage finally happened at a place near the bride’s home in Bangalore at the fag-end of February.


At Roti, Baramati: Where the deers roam unperturbed.

Roti, Baramati: Where the deers roam unperturbed.
Details: ISO 100, 11mm, f/8.0, 1/400s
Lightroom Adjustments: Contrast+, Highlights-, Shadows+, Whites-, Blacks-, Clarity+, Vibrance+, Saturation+.

A few days ago I posted about my experience visiting the Four Seasons winery in a small village called Roti in Baramati, near Pune in the state of Maharashtra. I was indeed captivated by the charm of the place. The total absence of human beings, the solitariness, the weather, the small hills, the deers everything turned that place into an oasis of peace and tranquillity, something which is very hard to get by in modern India.


Smile of a bride. By Animesh Ray.

I got to shoot my 2nd wedding almost within a week after I shot my first wedding. My dear friend Rajdeep’s elder brother was going to be married on the 8th of February. So I packed my bags and headed for Guwahati where the marriage was supposed to take place along with my friend.

It was my first Assamese wedding, and it was an wonderful experience. After this experience I can safely say Assamese weddings are one of most subtle and classiest wedding styles prevalent in India. Once you see the photos you will understand why. I really loved the fact that most women are clothed in white-gold Mekhela chador. It’s a kind of a saree but differs in the fact that it’s a two piece cloth unlike the traditional single piece saree. Another thing I really loved about the wedding was the concept of a ‘best man’ which I think is unique for a Indian wedding.